Home Protection Trust

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This is a Trust set up in your lifetime to protect assets for future generations and protect them from third party creditors.

The Home Protection Trust is designed for homeowners, and involves the transfer of their home into a Trust. For most, ownership of their home does not always mean they are wealthy – at least not in the sense of having money to spend. Even with increasing property values home ownership usually revolves around practical issues such as having a place to live or an inheritance for children/grandchildren.

Under the terms of the Trust you can continue to live in the property for the rest of your life or until you decide that the residence is no longer required or appropriate. Despite the fact that the Trust will ‘own’ your home you still retain the benefits and flexibility of home ownership and should you wish to move in the future you are able to under the same terms.

This trust is designed for our clients who wish to continue living in their home for the rest of their lives but are concerned about how their property, or its proceeds of sale, will be used on their death.

Individual circumstance vary a great deal and it is impossible to state categorically whether this, or any other method of Estate Planning, is best for you without carrying out a thorough review of your affairs.

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The whole service was very professional and politely conducted. My concerns were taken into full consideration and my Will was written to my exact needs. - Mrs M, Taunton