Social Media Accounts And Death

Following the death of a loved one closing down someone’s Facebook account is most certainly never going to be on top of the agenda, but in this social age we are now in, it’s likely to become a consideration.

Facebook report that there are over 30 million users that have died and continue to exist somewhere on the world wide web, these figures do not include other social platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.

So what can you do: Facebook allows you to add a ‘legacy contact’ who can take limited control of your account after you have passed away.

You also have the choice as to whether you would like your Facebook account permanently deleted after you’ve died or if you would like to have your profile memorialised - meaning friends and family can post messages of remembrance.

For further information, please visit Facebook help page.

I will post further details of other Social Platforms shortly… watch this space!

3 April 2017

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