Lifetime Gifts

Gifts during Lifetime can be exempt from Inheritance Tax (IHT), potentially exempt or be a chargeable lifetime transfer:

Exempt Gifts

  • Unlimited between spouses/civil partners
  • £3,000 annual exemption (can carry forward for 1 year max)
  • Gifts out of normal expenditure (must be able to maintain standard of living)
  • Gifts on marriage (£1,000 to anyone, £2,500 to a grandchild, £5,000 to a child)
  • Gifts to help with another persons's living costs i.e. childcare and elderly relatives
  • £250 to any amount of people
  • Gifts to registered charities and political parties - unlimited

Potential exempt transfers (PETs)

  • Gifts to individuals
  • Gifts into bare/statutory trusts and trusts for vulnerable beneficiaries
  • NB: These will be fully exempt of IHT if the person gifting survives 7 years. If the death occurs within 7 years they will either be chargeable or use up the Nil Rate Band (£325,000)

Chargeable lifetime transfers (CLTs)

  • Any gift that does not fall into the above two categories is a CLT
  • For example gifts into discretionary trusts
  • NB: If these gifts were in excess of the available Nil Rate Band there will be a 20% lifetime tax charge. If they survive 7 years, there is no further tax to pay

4 March 2019

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