Lasting Powers Of Attorney — Your Voice, Vour Decision

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), are launching a pilot phase campaign — your voice, your decision in Islington London.

They aim to raise awareness of LPAs and counter some of the common misconceptions around them.

Gathering insight and building the campaign plan

Making use of data
They conducted research into how many people across England and Wales currently have an LPA and compared this to areas of deprivation and dementia prevalence. This showed that there are people in society who could benefit from having an LPA but don't have one or know about them.

The research also told them that those who know the least about LPAs tend to be from a lower socio-economic background and are more likely to be impacted by health issues or age-related illnesses such as dementia.

Identifying misconceptions
Nearly 75 percent of people think that their partners or close family members can automatically make decisions for them if they're not able to. As next of kin, many people expect that making medical decisions or future planning for loved ones is straightforward.

This is not true; only an LPA gives you the legal ability to give those you trust the power to make decisions on your behalf if you lose mental capacity.

Their campaign — your voice, your decision — aims to provide access and information about LPAs to everyone, and encourage everyone to take them out to provide peace of mind for the future.


12 September 2019

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