When you are writing your Will you should consider the appointment of guardians for your minor children (under 18 years).

Will Management GurdianshipEvery parent wants a good upbringing for their children. Sadly, not all parents are able to see their children grow up. You could still have an impact on how your minor children are brought up if you weren't around, by appointing guardians for your children.

Guardians are the people who would look after your children should you not be around.

You could then write a letter of wishes to go alongside your Will. This letter will allow you to express how you wish your children to be raised. Common examples of inclusions in letters of wishes relating to guardianship include - raising children in line with the faith/religion of the parent, information as to the schooling you would like them to receive, and the people with whom you would like them to keep in contact.

You need to be aware however, that a letter of wishes is not legally binding. It is therefore important that you choose someone who would raise your children in line with your wishes.

Do also consider the appointment of substitute guardians in case your first options are unable/unwilling to act.

2 January 2016

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