DIY Wills And The Pitfalls

When making a Will, many people choose to use a DIY kit or online template for a variety of reasons.

Research shows that 37% of us thought it would be cheaper than going through a qualified Will Writer, whilst others thought it would be quicker to do it ourselves.  Sadly , this approach means that millions of Britons could potentially be leaving their loved ones to deal with disputes over the distribution of their assets after they die. 

Common Errors when creating your Will yourself

  • Only one witness has signed
  • Testator amending the Will later and not having the amendments witnessed
  • No witnesses at all
  • Witnessed by beneficiary
  • Witnessed by the beneficiary’s spouse
  • Copied from someone’s else’s Will.
  • No Executor appointed
  • No expert advice as to potential disinheritance
  • No expert advice on how to protect valuable assets


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2 June 2020

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